How to Build a Short-Cut Capo for Electric Guitars




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Introduction: guitarists everywhere know the importance of having a good capo. It’s one of the most important tools in your toolkit, and it can make or break your playing ability. But what if you don’t have a capo? What if you need one but don’t have the time to buy one? That’s where shortcut capos come in. Short-cut capos are little shortcuts that allow you to get the job done quickly and easily. They work just like regular caps, but they have a built-in tuner so you can tune your guitar without ever taking it apart. And because they’re little shortcuts, they usually save you time and hassle when it comes time to play live or in the studio. So whether you need an extra ten dollars for a quick turnaround or you just want to save some time on your next gig, short-cut capos are perfect for you!

How to Build a Short-Cut Capo for Electric Guitars.

A shortcut capo is a type of guitar capo that is designed to allow the use of shorter strings without having to remove the entire capo. The capo is made from a piece of metal or plastic that is cut to a desired shape and then glued to the top of the string-holding bracket.

When building a short Cut Capo, you will need:

1. A piece of metal or plastic that has been cut in a desired shape

2. A glue gun

3. A straight edge

4. A saw

5. The required number of strings (7 for most guitars)

6. A drill/driver (or another sharp object)

7. Some wire(s)

8. A shortcut capo cap (optional)

9. Some wire(s)

1. Cut the metal or plastic to the desired shape. You can use a saw, drill/driver, or another sharp object to do this. Make sure the shape is tight so that it doesn’t create any air bubbles or distortions in the guitar’s sound.

2. Glue the metal or plastic to the top of the string-holding bracket using a glue gun. Be careful not to over-glue; over-glue will cause the metal or plastic to become brittle and fall off subsequently.

3. Drill/driver (or another sharp object) into one end of the cut metal or plastic and then drive it into another end using a straight edge. This will create an “assemble” hole for your Short Cut Capo cap (optional). 4. Use a saw to make a second “assemble” hole in one end of the Short Cut Capo cap and screw it on top of the first assembly hole created by the drill/driver (or another sharp object). 5. Play testing ensures that your Short Cut Capo cap is properly installed before beginning construction! 6. Now you’re ready to start building your electric guitar! 7. You may want to add some extra wire(s) if you plan on playing with more than seven strings live (7 for most guitars).

How to Build a Short-Cut Guitar.

A shortcut guitar is a guitar that is built with a shorter neck and body. This makes it easier for players to play, as they don’t have to worry about the length of their instrument. Short-cut guitars are often designed for jazz and rock music, as they are shorter and more compact than traditional guitars.

To build a shortcut guitar, you will need the following materials:

1. Alder or Maple wood

2. Ashorten neck (6-8 inches)

3. Mahogany body (12-16 inches long)

4. Acoustic or Electric Guitars

5. Jigsaws or Chisels

6. squareheaded Blades or Nail Pliers

7. Sandpaper or Leather Gloves

8. Screws or Nails

9. Saw Blades or Chisels

10. Hinges or Clamps

Tips for Successful Short Cut Guitar Construction.

If you want to make a quick and easy guitar capo, start by using a straight edge to cut the neck of your instrument. To make sure the cuts are precise, use a jigsaw to help ensure that the fretboard is accurately cut.

Use a jigsaw to cut the fretboard.

Next, use a band saw to slice through the fretboard in several places. Be careful not to damage the wood while cutting; if you do, you’ll need to sand down the affected areas later on.

Use a band saw to Cut the Body of The Guitar.

To finish off your shortcut guitar construction, use a drill to screw together both neck and body segments together. Be sure to hold onto each piece as you drill so that it doesn’t fall off during assembly!


In order to build a successful shortcut guitar construction, you will need to use a straight edge, jigsaw, band saw, drill, and screwdriver in order to create an accurate and functional guitar. By following these tips, you can ensure that your Short Cut Guitar is built to last.

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